Catherine Lockner

Examining the Artist’s Role in a Time of Artificial Intelligence

Lake Tahoe Community College
Foyer Gallery

1 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Showing January 17 to March 22, 2019

Catherine Lockner
Wet Plate Collodion Camera, 2018, 14" x 14"

     "Obsolete: Examining the Artist’s Role in a Time of Artificial Intelligence" takes us on a tour of once useful items. Obsolete hardware such as film cameras, microscopes, and gas lamps are loving rendered in soft light - almost an antique, sepia tone - bringing many of us back to not so distant days when we would romance the (rotary) phone. In 1965, Gordon E. Moore illuminated the concept that, basically, computing power would double every year. Although not quite doubling every year (Gordon E. Moore - Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits), it seems new things become old things faster and faster. Despite this, everyday people and celebrities alike enjoy carrying the torch for all things analog. Sales of vinyl records have steadily increased in recent years and have likely surpassed 10 million total units for 2018, Fujifilm has released a camera that prints Polaroid style images instantly (Fujifilm Instax), and actor Tom Hanks has become known for his collection of typewriters by writing a book of stories about them (Tom Hanks - Uncommon Type: Some Stories).

     When I think of things that have gone the way of dodo, my list also includes floppy discs, card catalogs, paper maps, videotape, CRTs, pay phones, paper money (hello, cryptocurrency), and medical marijuana cards (hello, recreational marijuana). All of these things were created to help us exchange information by documenting, recording, viewing, and transferring these records. Isn’t that what I’m doing here on this computer so you can view it on your current device? This article will perhaps be obsolete by the time you view this exhibit, discover that there is more than meets the eye, and the light is shed on our future.

Catherine Lockner
Simple Optical Microscope, 2018, 8" x 14"

     Catherine Lockner is an Adjunct Professor at Lake Tahoe Community College. LTCC’s Art Department is known for its robust offerings each term. For the 2019 winter term Catherine Lockner will be teaching advanced watercolor painting, European art history, 2-D design and a class called "Concept and Image" in which students will examine composition and story-telling through drawings in charcoal. Lockner will be exploring a new medium, printmaking, under the guidance of Phyllis Shafer who will be instructing beginning and advanced relief printmaking. To register for classes, go to

     A reception for "Obsolete" will be announced on the Lake Tahoe Community College calendar. Two additional opening receptions for art exhibits will take place concurrently with "Obsolete" at LTCC. A group show of Tahoe Art League members takes place in the Student Gallery (main building), and "Off the Press: Tahoe/Reno Printmakers" takes place in the Haldan Gallery. Check the Tahoe Art League facebook page for more information about the TAL Members Exhibit reception and the LTCC calendar for more information about the reception for "Off the Press: Tahoe/Reno Printmakers". These exhibits will be on display through March 22, 2019 and are free and open to the public.

     Visit California Burger Company: Burgers-Music-Art, 1001 Heavenly Village Way 2B, South Lake Tahoe, California, and view the emerging local artist exhibit currently on display, curated by Catherine Lockner. Art in the exhibit at California Burger is available for purchase.

-- Sheilah Boothby,

Catherine Locker is an artist and illustrator. She can be contacted for commission work at

For additional information, visit Catherine Lockner's website

Catherine Lockner
Oil Lamp, 2018, 9" x 14"

Images appear courtesy of the artist.

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