Freel Free

Tahoe Art League Members Group Show

January 17 to March 14, 2019

Lake Tahoe Community College Student Center

1 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Closing Reception - Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 5 to 7 pm

Kelly Smith Cassidy
Alpen Glen Cabin
photography, giclée on canvas

      The Tahoe Art League’s current exhibit, Tahoe Art League Members Group Show, is on display at Lake Tahoe Community College's Student Center. The closing reception takes place on March 14th from 5 to 7 pm and is free and open to the public. Enjoy refreshments and talk to the artists. You might have some questions for them. This exhibit is fun, diverse, engaging, and educational. Through a wide variety of artistic media we are brought face to face with our past, present, and future. Take notice and take notes.

      At present, people from all over the globe are here, visiting Lake Tahoe to feel free - free from the grind of city life and the views of concrete and smog. They max out credit cards so they can be free to see the trees and feel the breeze. No one understands this better than the artists of Tahoe. Kelly Smith Cassidy knows exactly which cabin you want to chill out in. Jill Miller-Allert, Cathryn Powell, Charlotte Sylvest Bauer, and Claudia Garza know exactly which rivers, lakes, and mountains you came to play on. The artists of the Tahoe Art League serve these to you on a virtual platter, transforming the Lake Tahoe Community College Student Center into a series of vista points via a short hike through the student commons. A place where you can contemplate the wonder of our world - all while only having to park once.

Connie Clark
Everything is Connected
painting, oil on canvas, 2018

      You might think it’s all bears, trees, and ecology with our local art league. Not everything in our Tahoe world is a landscape. Or is it? Maybe you are onto something. New work from Connie Clark consists of some in-your-face - NOT IN THE LAKE - mixed media reminders to take care of our mother … and our sisters, brothers, children, and critters. - Yes, it always comes back to the bears! - Would we have it any other way? These are not your traditional landscapes. Instead, Clark serves up a creative dish of the very trash discarded onto our landscape.

      Do you think Tahoe artists take this outdoors stuff too seriously? Does a bear do you-know-what in the woods? Of course they do. You would be sensitive too if you saw one more plastic bag of dog poop left on the trail to Freel Peak. Hmph! Maybe some candy will make us all feel better. Scott Forrest's mixed media piece beckons, "Feel Free." I reach into the urinal to grab a piece of butterscotch. I can’t help but hear the song Sensitive Artist by King Missile play right here in my head - a call to arms that takes me back through a hundred years of art history - wishing I could take back as many years of the damage done to our environment. I dream of Duchamp … and gently unwrap … Now where do I toss this plastic wrap?

-- Sheilah Boothby,

Scott Forrest
Feel Free, mixed media, 2017
Cathryn Powell
Low Tide at Coos Bay, relief print, 2018

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