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To promote the growth of the vibrant Lake Tahoe Maker and Artist scene


To demonstrate, document, and promote South Lake Tahoe as both a destination for art enthusiasts and a producer of emerging and established world-class Makers and Artists

To create and maintain an online presence where visitors and locals can easily navigate and learn about the Lake Tahoe Maker and Artist scene, including event listings, reviews, feature articles, podcasts, artist directories, calls for artists, and links to community resources in the Lake Tahoe Basin

To sponsor off-line activities such as art shows, workshops, and art tours that promote awareness of Make Tahoe and the South Lake Tahoe Maker and Artist scene

To connect artists, businesses, organizations, locals, and visitors who wish to participate in real world activities that promote the growth of the Maker and Artist community in South Lake Tahoe and the unity of Lake Tahoe's Maker and Artist scene on all of its shores

Sheilah, Conner, and Teemu - High Meadow Trail, South Lake Tahoe

     Make Tahoe began in 2016 as the pet project of Sheilah Boothby, developed with the help of her family including her two dogs (Conner and Teemu), who dutifully make sure no one is on a computer all day. After managing evidence in an underground warehouse for 16 years, your webmistress is happy to have arrived in Tahoe to be able to explore the great outdoors. Let us know how we can help the Tahoe Maker and Artist scene. That's what we are here for. Oh yeah, and the lake, forest, mountains, snow, etc.

     Sheilah Boothby is an active member of the South Lake Tahoe Maker and Artist community. At the time of this writing, Sheilah Boothby is a curator, local art collector, and volunteer and/or member of the High Vibe Society Artisan Collective, Tahoe Activist Artists, Tahoe Art League, and Bringing Art to Schools. Sheilah Boothby is the owner and founder of Make Tahoe and curates a monthly promotional art exhibit titled Make Tahoe "quantum" at Benko Art Gallery.

     Make Tahoe has proudly presented "Love is a National Treasure - The Tahoe Pride Art Show" for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019). 2018's exhibit took place at Benko Art Gallery, and the 2019 exhbit was hosted by Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio. The 2018 exhibit was the first LGBT+ themed public art show in South Lake Tahoe and was nominated for a Tahoe Arts Alliance Award for Best Art Show. In 2019, the City of South Lake Tahoe proclaimed June as LGBTQ Pride Month. During the subsequent South Lake Tahoe Fourth of July Parade, the Tahoe Pride Community marched together for the first time along Highway 50 with the message of Equality for All. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in or sponsoring the 2020 Tahoe Pride Art Show.

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